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About HHF

Established by The White House in 1987, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s (HHF) mission is to “inspire, prepare, and position Latino leaders in the classroom, community, and workforce to meet America’s priorities.” HHF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and believes that youth are the leaders of today, not tomorrow, and focuses on helping a Latino help thousands more through innovation.

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CSL Mission

Code as a Second Language (CSL) is a national initiative that works toward introducing youth to computer science and making technical training and careers accessible to women and underrepresented minorities. CSL has been implemented across the country impacting thousands of youth.

Cycle of Leadership

Our vision is to provide students access to year-round LOFT Innovation leadership and workforce development programs including STEM Symposia, Innovation Fellowships, Youth Awards, mentoring and other work-based learning opportunities. All students will join the LOFT Network and connect online and offline with tens of thousands of peers excelling on their own fast track careers.

Computer Science Accessibility

Computer Science, which is becoming fundamental to job acquisition, is not at the forefront of school’s academic curriculum. As evidentiary in the survey, teachers do not feel that computer science education is a priority in their school/district. The solution lies in providing targeted programs to facilitate the access to computer science education and careers in technology.

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