The Need

Confidence for Learning CS

Only 51% of Hispanic students are “very confident” they could learn computer science, we are here to supplement that confidence and provide students with key resources in order to help 100% of Hispanic students feel “very confident”.


Hispanic Student Access

Hispanic Students are 1.7x more likely than white students to be very interested in learning  Computer Science. However often times they do not have the courses necessary in order to acquire their desired knowledge.



Hispanic Student Family Impact

Hispanic students are less likely at 49%, to say they have an adult in their life who works with computers or other types of technology. This lack of role models or a personal lack of confidence in learning computer science may be a barrier for Hispanic students.

Hispanic Student Exposure

Hispanic Students have less exposure to computer science and when they do it is in the form of computer literacy as opposed to coding syntax.







Our Solutions


CS Education

CSL provides a menu of school-tailored models for CS instruction with an agile-ready team ready to deploy a program at a moments notice. Menu includes CSL Jams (one day 1-2 hours), CSL Bootcamps (one day 4-6 hours), and CSL Academies (8-10 weeks).


Coder Summit

The LOFT Coder Summit is a one day program filled with workshops and keynote speakers. We provide the opportunity for Latina/o software engineers to network and learn about the various opportunities available to them. We provide key information that serves to help them navigate through their professional endeavours.


LOFT Source

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s award-winning LOFT SOURCE program has worked with companies such as Exxon Mobil, CVS Health, Google, Time Warner, Target, PwC, LinkedIn, BBVA Compass, Goldman Sachs, and government agencies such as CFPB, SEC Treasury and Federal Exchange to diversify their workforce through a “delivery system of Latino Talent,” tailored platforms, and concurrent branding effort.

Attendee Experiences

  • Traveling across the country to do what I’m passionate about it is such a blessing. Not only was I able to expose a new group of students to computer science, but I was also challenged and learned a lot as a teacher. For the first time, I taught a group with a larger amount of Spanish speaking students. I learned so much from them and the experience overall is challenging me to think about more effective ways to reach more students.

    CSL Fellow
  • The LOFT Coder Summit was very inspirational and I met many people who shared the same interests as me. The speakers were really personable and really connected with everyone at the event. I am very please to be invited and look forward to helping out the community and left feeling empowered. I look forward to attending future events brought on by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

    Coder Summit Participant