• José Antonio Tijerino
      José Antonio Tijerino President & CEO

    Jose Antonio Tijerino is the President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) focuses on education, workforce, leadership and public awareness. HHF also promotes Latino cultural pride, accomplishment and the great promise of the community through creative campaigns and initiatives reaching millions as well as conducts research focused on Latino youth.

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    • Roberto Callejas
      Roberto Callejas Chief of Staff
    • Juana Pacheco
      Juana Pacheco Chief Development Officer
    • Dario E. Collado
      Dario E. Collado Director of Strategic Development
    • Jasmin Zamorano
      Jasmin Zamorano Director of Programs
    • Alberto Avalos
      Alberto Avalos Innovation and Technology Program Manager
    • Camila Zamorano
      Camila Zamorano Special Assistant to the President and Special Projects
    • Sabas Gomez
      Sabas Gomez Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator
    • Brenda Camarillo
      Brenda Camarillo LOFT Coordinator
    • Jessica Herrera
      Jessica Herrera LOFT Investors Forum Associate
    • Teresa Cronin
      Teresa Cronin LOFT Source Coordinator
    • Julian Alcazar
      Julian Alcazar LOFT Source Consultant
    • Daisy Madrigal
      Daisy Madrigal CSL Coordinator
    • Francia Maciel
      Francia Maciel CSL Coordinator
    • Cynthia Pleitez
      Cynthia Pleitez Marketing and Communications Strategist
    • Isla Martinez
      Isla Martinez Marketing and PR Coordinator
    • Andres Rothe
      Andres Rothe Media and CSL Coordinator
    • Jose Duran
      Jose Duran Community Coordinator